The University of Kansas Physicians - Orthopedics Building

Trauma & Fractures

Dr. Heddings Treats the following Fractures:

  • Fractures of the shoulder (clavicle, scapula and proximal humerus).
  • Fractures of the arm (humerus).
  • Fractures of the elbow (distal humerus, olecranon, radial head and neck)
  • Fractures of the forearm (radius and ulna).
  • Fractures of the wrist (distal radius and ulna).
  • Fractures of the pelvis
  • Fractures of the hip (proximal femur, femoral head, and acetabulum).
  • Fractures of the femur
  • Fractures of the knee (distal femur, patella, tibial plateau).
  • Fractures of the leg (tibia and fibula).
  • Fractures of the ankle.
  • Fractures of the foot.
  • Fractures of the hand


Dr. Heddings practice is based solely at The University of Kansas Hospital where he performs all of his surgeries.

Post Surgery

Dr. Heddings office is located on the second floor of The University of Kansas Hospital in the surgery suites. All post-operative outpatient care occurs in this location.

For patients that have to travel from a considerable distance away x-rays, photos, lab tests, and Dr.’s notes can be e-mailed to Dr. Heddings assistant, Heidi.

Notes can also be mailed or faxed to:
Dr. Archie Heddings, MD
The University of Kansas Hospital
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, Kansas 66160
Fax # (913) 588-8286

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